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What to do before and after Botox and Fillers

What to do before and after Botox and Fillers


We all love the appearance and feeling of fresh Botox and fillers. Knowing how to look after yourself before and after treatment will help give you the best chance of exceptional and long-lasting results. Our incredibly experienced and knowledgeable Nurse injector, Angela Truckey, has compiled these top things you can do at home!


  •  Stay upright for min of 4 hours (ie, don’t go for a massage or have a nap etc) to avoid the tiny droplets of toxin we place specifically from diffusing into unwanted areas
  •  Avoid strenuous exercise & activity that causes ++ sweating for ~ 12 hours. We want to prevent the toxin from diffusion & bruising
  •  Immediately after there is potential for swelling & redness are common and will subside usually within 30 min. Bruising is also possible, avoiding alcohol & meds like Advil prior to treatment can help.
  •  Full results are seen after 2 weeks! If you notice your toxin working faster this is perfect, let it do its thing. After 2 weeks we can always touch up little areas if needed


  •  No dental work (cleanings included) 2 weeks before & after to avoid potential bacteremia
  •  No vaccines minimum of 2 weeks before or after to minimize inflammatory response
  • Avoid any blood thinners such as alcohol, Advil, Aspirin, herbs (Omegas etc) for at least 24 hours prior to treatment to decrease swelling, bruising & inflammation.
  •  Immediately after some redness, swelling & bruising is possible. This will resolve within a few days. Tylenol is a great adjunct to assist with any tenderness and Arnica (natural supplement or gel) can be helpful to reduce bruising. If you notice odd bruising or discoloration ALWAYS air on the side of caution and contact me ASAP
  • NO makeup for 12 hours post treatment. This is to prevent any bacteria from entering the tiny holes still remaining in your skin from injecting (p.s. just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there!)
  • Resume skin care routine the following day. Evening of your treatment use a gentle wash and moisturizer – avoid any retinol/acids day 1.
  • Avoid putting any pressure on the areas injected. Sleeping on your back is best for 2-3 days while the product settles
  • Gently massaging lips post treatment is ok. For the rest of the face my rule of thumb is – leave it alone if you cannot see any lumps. If you do SEE a small lump or bump you may gently massage the area and please msg me as needed

Ensure you book in your follow-up appointment 2 weeks after your treatment to evaluate & ensure your best outcome!

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